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Infinitybox can help you connect your
vehicle to The Internet of Things.

Learn how our new TM1 System gives you:

- Vehicle Monitoring
- Geofencing
- Remote Diagnostics
- Data Acquisition
- Enterprise & Cloud-Based Data Portals

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Electrical Wiring Solutions by Infinitybox


From prototypes to low volume to serial production, Infinitybox electrical wiring solutions can manage all of your electrical needs in busses, RV’s, utility trucks, armored vehicles, coaches and first-responder equipment.


Our Infinitybox system can help you wire and modernize any car or truck. Use it for hot-rods, resto-mods, Pro-Touring or street rods.  It can simplify the wiring in the most basic car or bring late-model conveniences to any high-end build.  Switches, key-fobs, smart phones, tablets and touch screens, you can use them all with Infinitybox.


Power and reliability are critical on the track, whether it is a road course, circle track or drag strip. Infinitybox has rugged and proven wiring systems that are lighter and easier to install than anything else in the market.  Our solid-state design thrives in high-vibration and high-shock environments.

Flexible Wiring Systems

Our Infinitybox hardware was designed and tested for the harshest off-road and military applications. At the same time, we’ve created a simple electrical wiring system that can be installed by the weekend mechanic. Check out our product page to learn more about how Infinitybox can work in your specific vehicle.

Custom Solutions

The Infinitybox team is made up of power distribution and circuit protection experts. We can help you design you complete electrical system for simplicity, functionality, safety and compliance. Contact our team to discuss your specific project and to get a customized proposal.

Get Help

Need support getting started?  Our technical support group can help you choose the right hardware for your project.  They can also work with you to create custom software configurations to solve your power distribution needs.

InfinityBox at Work

See examples of Infinitybox electrical wiring systems at work.  See installations in hot rods, kit cars, dragsters, busses and command vehicles.

The Infinitybox Intelligent Multiplex System: Electrical Installation Made Simple

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