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inTOUCH NET Compatible Head Units

Our Infinitybox inTOUCH NET lets you control your car or truck’s electrical system from any smart device.  This includes smart phones and tablets. This link will take you to an overview of inTOUCH NET and a video that describes how it works.  You can go beyond iPhones, iPads, Andriod Phones and other tablets and connect to […]

Change inTOUCH NET Password

Our inTOUCH NET accessory lets you control your car from any smart phone or tablet.  You get complete control of your car from the phone in your pocket or a tablet mounted on your dash.  inTOUCH NET has two layers of security.  The first is the password that your device needs to pair to the […]

Splice Saver Kit

There are lots of different places in your car’s harness where you need to take a single POWERCELL output and splice it to go to different outputs.  Our new Infinitybox Splice Saver Kit gives you a very easy way to create a robust and reliable junction point in your wiring harness. The Infinitybox Splice Saver Kit […]

Wiring Dakota Digital RTX Gauges

Dakota Digital has been in the business of making advanced electrical products for the Automotive Aftermarket for a long time.  Their products include gauges, lighting, cruise control systems, gear indicators, linear actuators, climate control interfaces and other automotive accessories.  We’ve posted details before on how to wire their cruise control systems, their automatic door lock […]

Options for Touch Screen Control

When we introduced our inTOUCH NET product in 2013, it gave our customers a very simple way to use a smart device to control all of the electrical functions in their hot rods, street rods, resto mods, kit cars and Pro-Touring builds.  Any smart phone or tablet seamlessly connects with inTOUCH NET to give you […]

Wiring the IDIDIT idTOUCH

This blog post is going to show you how to wire the IDIDIT id.TOUCH PKE system to the Infinitybox 20-Circuit Kit.  The Infinitybox system is the electrical backbone for your restoration, resto-mod, street rod, kit car, or Pro-Touring build.  Our system is flexible enough to connect and power any external electrical accessory that you want […]

Wiring VaporWorx Fuel Pump Controller

We always say that our Infinitybox system plays nicely with other electrical accessories in your car.  This blog post is another great example of that.  We got a call from a customer asking about wiring the VaporWorx Fuel Pump Controller with his Infinitybox 20-Circuit Kit.  He was worried about having to wire in additional relays […]

Setting Infinitybox Address Jumpers

Our Infinitybox system is very flexible.  You can scale it from a very simple wiring system to one that is very complicated.  Our standard 20-Circuit Kit includes one MASTERCELL and two POWERCELLs.  You can add more POWERCELLs to expand the number of outputs in your system.  Every POWERCELL you add gives you 10 more outputs.  […]


Our Infinitybox system is full of tools that help you wire your car or truck faster.  There are troubleshooting and diagnostic features built in that tell you simply what is going on in your car.  This link will take you to our Troubleshooting and Diagnostic manual.  This blog post covers the most sophisticated of the […]

MASTERCELL Input Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

Our Infinitybox system has powerful diagnostic and troubleshooting features built into it.  The MASTERCELL in your 20-Circuit Kit includes our inSIGHT LCD Screen.  This screen is your window into the Infinitybox system and it gives you access to the MASTERCELL Input Troubleshooting and Diagnostics.  By pressing a few buttons on the MASTERCELL, you can put […]