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Custom BMW E9

Here is another great example of what our customers can do.  This car is stunning and we can honestly say that we’ve never seen another like it.  John Ward of Fuel Bespoke Design in Australia just had a great article published in Silodrome magazine.  The article covers the details of his stunning restoration of a […]

Infinitybox Programming Options

For over a decade, Infinitybox has created the most comprehensive electrical system on the market for restorations, resto-mods, street rods, kit cars, race cars and Pro-Touring builds.  No other company can provide a single system to control your lighting, ignition system, starter, cooling fans, fuel pumps, power locks, power windows, alarms, security, heating & air-conditioning […]

Updating inTOUCH MAX Screen

This blog post will walk you through the steps to update the screens and code on an Infinitybox inTOUCH MAX Screen. Please note that these instructions are for the legacy inTOUCH MAX screens that were manufactured through 2013.  If you have an inTOUCH NET smart device interface, this does not relate to you.  Unless specifically […]

Chevy S10 Show Truck

We occasionally get customers dropping by our office to show off their projects.  Chris C. brought his Chevy S10 show truck by the Infinitybox HQ to show us what he did and to get a few quick code changes.  He and his girlfriend were on their way to a truck show near Indianapolis. Chris really […]

Australian-Built Cobra

We have our Infinitybox systems powering cars all across the world.  One of our Australian customers just sent us some great pictures of his Cobra replica.  Peter K. started building this car in February 2012 and finished it in November 2017.  The car is wired with our Infinitybox system and has been running flawlessly on […]

Illegal Garage’s Alumacobra Switch Install

We just received a great video from a local customer building a Factory Five Roadster.  Jose G. has been building this car for a few years and he’s wiring it with our Infinitybox system.  He is installing our 20-Circuit Kit with inLINK.  This link will take you to an earlier blog post covering his progress. […]

Showing off inLINK in a Factory Five GTM

We have been working with a customer to finish the details of a Factory Five GTM build.  This car was wired with our 20-Circuit Kit, inMOTION, inRESERVE, inTOUCH NET, inVIRONMENT and inLINK.  Essentially, the car has the works.  It was originally built and wired by Shane Vacek at Vraptor Speed Works.  Izzy Dunn at Dunn […]

Updating inVIRONMENT

This blog post will cover the steps to update the software on our inVIRONMENT Vintage Air Gen-IV Interface Controller. Before you get too far, 99.99% of our customers will never need to update inVIRONMENT in the field.  This blog post is intended to have this documented for the 0.01% of them that will.  The only […]

Wiring Door Pin Switches

This blog post is going to cover how to wire your interior and dome lights.  In most cases you want these lights to turn on when you open a door to your car.  We’ll show you the best way to wire your door pin switches and connect your POWERCELL outputs to your dome lights and […]

Supercar Blondie Test Drives Tachyon Speed

Eric Rice and his team at RASER have been getting some great press coverage for their Tachyon Speed.  This is a one-of-a-kind super car.  It’s all electric, it’s styled like a fighter jet and it can put out enough peak power to meet the needs of a small city.  Just like any other car, it […]