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Our Infinitybox system can used to wire practically any car, truck or vehicle.  It is designed to stand up to the abuse of the harshest off-road, off-highway and commercial vehicle applications.  Here’s another great off-road example.  Sam P. is an Infinitybox customer who was building a JEEP YJ for a customer.  Here’s a picture of […]


Here’s another post showing you how to connect your Infinitybox wiring system to a popular EFI system.  We had a customer ask about wiring the MS3Pro EVO ECU with our Infinitybox 20-Circuit Kit.  This is a very powerful engine management system that can be easily connected to Infinitybox.   Just like any other ECU, you […]

Updating inTOUCH NET with SKII Boards

All of the Infinitybox hardware can be updated in the field.  Some of these changes require our inCODE programmer.  Some can be done directly from a laptop.  Updating inTOUCH NET can be done directly from a laptop with Wi-Fi. PLEASE NOTE: YOU WILL ONLY HAVE TO GO THROUGH THESE STEPS IF YOU ARE DIRECTED TO […]

FiTech Go EFI

The revolution in electronically controlled fuel injection systems has dramatically changed the way that guys build cars.  Not much more than 10 years ago, carbs still reigned supreme.  EFI conversions were hard, required a lot of expertise and didn’t get you all of the performance that you really wanted.  Over the years, we have shown […]

Wiring Dakota Digital VHX Gauges

Dakota Digital has been in the business of making advanced electrical products for the Automotive Aftermarket for a long time.  Their products include gauges, lighting, cruise control systems, gear indicators, linear actuators, climate control interfaces and other automotive accessories.  We’ve posted details before on how to wire their cruise control systems and their iKey Passive […]

SEMA Battle of the Builders

Since our beginnings almost 10 years ago, our Infinitybox system has been used to wire and control some of the best builds out there.  At the 2017 SEMA Battle of the Builders, we are proud to announce that 3 of the 12 finalists cars were wired with Infinitybox.  These include the 1963 Corvette built by […]

inTOUCH NET in Action

A lot of people will remember a customer video that we promoted about a year ago.  In this video, Richard S. was showing off his ability to start his car from his iPad using our inTOUCH NET.  It is a very memorable video because Richard is very excited about what he can do with our […]

Factory Five Type 65 Race Car

The Factory Five Type 65 Coupe is near and dear to our hearts.  It is the car that lead us down the rabbit hole to develop our Infinitybox system and all of the accessory components.  You can learn more about the kit from Factory Five at this link.  We just received an email from a […]

Wiring the Holley Sniper EFI

Until recently, electronic fuel injection was completely out of the hands of your typical automotive enthusiast.  Over the past years, many different companies have introduced powerful and elegant systems to bring the benefits of EFI to anyone.  Holley recently introduced their Sniper EFI system.  This is a cost-effective EFI system that can handle up to […]

inMOTION Videos

There is nothing like our inMOTION Motor Controller Cell in the market.  It gets you a very simple and powerful way to control power windows and locks in your car, truck or custom vehicle.  Actually, it can control anything that needs to have polarity reversed to make it work correctly.  Examples of polarity reversed accessories […]