Our Products

Infinitybox J1939 Powercell Output Module

The J1939 POWERCELL gives you a modular and flexible power distribution unit. It uses solid-state MOSFETs on each output for rugged and durable control.

You can connect any J1939 input device to the POWERCELL to control the outputs. These include switch panels, touch screens and other J1939 enabled controllers.

Infinitybox J1939 inMOTION Polarity Control Module

The J1939 inMOTION Motor Controller gives you a modular and flexible power distribution unit, designed to control outputs that need to change direction. This includes valve solenoids, linear actuators, window motors and lock solenoids. The polarity control for these devices is built directly into the inMOTION Cell.

Infinitybox IOX CAN I/O Expander

The Infinitybox IOX J1939 Input/Output Expander gives you a simple way to add switches to any CAN system. The package is small and easily loomed into your wiring harness. The IOX also can drive LED’s for indicators on any switch.

Infinitybox TM1 Telemetry Module

The Infinitybox TM1 is a complete telematics system.  It lets you get any piece of equipment onto The Internet of Things.  This can be used for vehicle tracking, remote control of security systems, monitoring of remote processes and  data acquisition.  TM1 can be accessed anywhere in the world from an intuitive web portal.  Contact our sales team for a live demo of TM1. 

Infinitybox Custom CAN Bus Power Distribution Systems

Infinitybox has a broad portfolio of multiplexed power distribution products for any type of vehicle.  We can work with you to create the ultimate system using our off-the-shelf building blocks.  Our modules can control lighting, fans, pumps, actuators, solenoids, valves, sirens and any other kind of switched electrical accessory in your vehicle.  Using our CAN-based multiplexed architecture, you can reduce wiring complexity and weight in your vehicle.  We also have capabilities to integrate logic control, timing, delays, patterns and other custom software functions into your system.  Contact our sales team to learn more about our capabilities. 

Infinitybox Custom Radio Control Solutions

Infinitybox has the capabilities to create a wide range of remote control interfaces for your vehicle.  We have both 1-way and 2-way radios in the 433 MHz, 916 MHz and 2.4 GHz spectrum to suit specific applications.  We can engineer custom housings and mark the units as needed.  Contact our sales team to learn more. 

Infinitybox Door Access Control Solutions

Infinitybox has custom solutions that allow you to control access to any door in your vehicle. We can accept Wiegand and other door control protocols to guarantee controlled access to your most valuable assets. We can work with proximity readers and Dallas Key readers. These signals are taken directly into our system so that we can manage the logic and security that you need for your secure vehicles. Contact our sales team to learn more.

Infinitybox inLINE AC Power Load Center

The Infinitybox inLINE Load Center gives you powerful control of the 120-volt accessories in your vehicle.  You get complete circuit protection, remote power distribution and load shedding in one NEC approved enclosure.

Infinity inTOUCH NET WiFi Interface

inTOUCH NET offers revolutionary connectivity into the Infinitybox Intelligent Multiplex System through any web-enabled device. You can control the functions in your car through any Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry or Nokia device. You get complete control of any of our base kits and our entire suite of accessories including controlling your windows through inMOTION and your heat & A/C through inVIRONMENT.

Infinitybox inVERT Mini input Buffer

The Infinitybox inVERT Mini gives installers the flexibility to connect 12-volt switched triggers to the Infinitybox MASTERCELL. Its simple circuitry buffers the incoming trigger signal and converts to the required ground signal.