AMC Club Visits Infinitybox

Thanks to customer Bob Slater for organizing a trip for the Great Lakes Classic AMC Club to visit Infinitybox.  They meet annually in the AMC homeland of Kenosha, Wisconsin.  They took time from their weekly gathering to visit our facility in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  The club had a chance to see a hands-on demo of our Infinitybox products, see our prototype production line and see how our products can streamline the wiring in their AMC’s.

Bob bought his Javelin new in 1969 and has kept it since then.  Most recently, he did a complete restoration of it that included a complete re-wiring job.  He used our 20-Circuit Kit with inLINK.  When you look at the pictures, practically no wire can be seen.  It is a clean and neat installation.

His rear POWERCELL is neatly located in the trunk, near the battery.  The 6 Mega fuse holders in the picture protect the feeds to the POWERCELLs plus some extra cables going to his audio and accessories.

His MASTERCELL is cleverly mounted behind a trim piece in the center of the dash.  Normally, you never see it but he can remove the trim piece easily to access the diagnostics on the MASTERCELL LCD screen.

His front POWERCELL is tucked in under the passenger wheel well in a custom enclosure that he made.  This minimizes the total amount of wire under the hood.  As you can see, there are no wires to distract from that beautiful engine.

Thanks to Bob for organizing the trip and bringing his car down.  If you want to learn more about the Great Lakes Classic AMC club, you can check out their website at