inTOUCH NET in Action

A lot of people will remember a customer video that we promoted about a year ago.  In this video, Richard S. was showing off his ability to start his car from his iPad using our inTOUCH NET.  It is a very memorable video because Richard is very excited about what he can do with our Infinitybox system in his car.  He posted another video last night showing our inTOUCH NET in action and we wanted to share it.

Richard Sherman’s Kongquest, wired with the Infinitybox System.

Richard has been building his KONGQUEST for several years.  It is a late 1980’s Conquest with a complete Corvette drive train under the body.  He has done a remarkable job building the chassis and even integrating in the Torque Tube into the system.  Here you can see the chassis of the car.

Richard Sherman’s Kongquest, wired with the Infinitybox System.

This is a very unique build and Richard didn’t want a typical electrical system.  He came to our team at Infinitybox to get the latest & greatest in automotive wiring technology.  He wired the car with our 20-Circuit Kit, inMOTION and inTOUCH NET.  There is nothing else in the market like our Infinitybox system.  No other company can give you the control and features in your custom car or truck build.  inTOUCH NET is extra unique.  We can give you complete touch screen control of all of your electrical features through any smart phone, tablet or select head units.

In the video below, Richard is showing his inTOUCH NET in action.  He shows how he can start his car, control all of his lights, roll his windows up & down plus control his locks from his iPad.  Check it out…

The Infinitybox team is proud to be a part of Richard’s build.  We can’t wait to see the finished product.

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