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Our customers build lots of different kinds of vehicles: armored trucks, tactical vehicles, first-responder equipment, coaches, service trucks, agricultural machines, hot rods, race cars, street rods and resto-mods.  Our commercial customers build vehicles that are are impressive for their functionality, power, complexity and durability.  Our aftermarket customers build works of art.  One of our customers’ Race Car Replicas SL-C was just featured in the July/August 2016 issue of Car Builder Magazine.

This car has been a labor of love for Will Campbell and it shows in every detail.  The SL-C is a very elegant piece of automotive engineering.  You buy the SL-C as a component kit from Race Car Replicas in Fraser, Michigan.  From there, you tailor the car to the way that you want it.  We’ve been working with the Superlite team for a long time now.  When you buy the SL-C kit, you get an engineered wiring harness system that includes our Infinitybox hardware.  You get everything that you need to wire the car.  With the Infinitybox hardware as the electrical backbone in the car, you can customize it to make your car unique.

This car started out as a childhood passion to build a truly unique car.  The finished product is amazing.  He has a heavily modified LS7 engine with custom exhaust making it go.  The engine connects to the wheels through a Ford GT trans-axle.

Outside of just the basic functions, Will expanded his Infinitybox system to include inRESERVE to monitor and protect his batteries.  He also added inTOUCH NET so that he can control everything from his smart phone and a tablet.  He also has an extra POWERCELL to control all of the extra features that he added to the car.

As an example, he has added linear actuators to the gull-wing doors on the car.  From a touch of a button on his key fob or from his phone, he can open and close the doors with ease.

You can read all about the car and its many custom touches in the July/August issue for Car Builder.  Click on the picture below to get to the issue.  The coverage on Will’s car starts on page 26.

Wired with Infinitybox

July/August Issue of Car Builder Magazine Featuring Will Campbell’s SL-C

If you have a car with our Infinitybox system that you want to show off, click on this link to contact our team.  We love to give our customers the opportunity to show off their accomplishments.