Stacey David’s GearZ Covers the RCR SL-C

Stacey David and his team at GearZ just published a great video on YouTube covering the Superlite Coupe (SL-C) built by Race Car Replicas. We were on the set with Stacey a few years ago when he was building his red SL-C for the track. You can learn more about this build by clicking this link.

This video shows off a lot of the chassis components of the car plus its back story. You can also see shots of our Infinitybox system installed in it.

This video also highlights an SL-C build by Will Campbell. We’ve highlighted this car before. You can read previous coverage by clicking this link. Will’s car has a customized version of our Infinitybox 20-Circuit Kit, inLINK, inTOUCH NET, inMOTION and inRESERVE. You can even see a clip of him opening his doors using a tablet.

You can see the video below.

Click this link to contact our technical support team to learn more about our Infinitybox system and how it can power all the electrical systems in your car.