The Custom Wire Harness Solution

Standard building blocks for your electrical system

The Infinitybox custom wire harness system uses standard power distribution building blocks to create wiring harnesses tailored specifically to your car, truck or custom vehicle.


  • Simple Electrical Power Distribution

    The Infinitybox Intelligent Multiplex System reduces the size, weight and installation time of the wiring harnesses in your car, truck or custom vehicle.

  • Powerful troubleshooting & diagnostic functions

    The Infinitybox system can easily point to where problems exist in your wiring harnesses with no external tools.

  • Fully Featured System

    Infinitybox and its family of accessories can control all of the electrical functions in your vehicle: lighting, security, alarms, timers, delays, patterns, dimming, motor control, heating & air conditioning.

  • Warranty

    Infinitybox Intelligent Multiplex System is backed by our warranty. Click here to view full warranty.

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