ISIS Cobra Install Progress

We’ve been selling our systems into guys building Factory Five cars since our very beginnings, even going back to the days the I Squared Engineering 1+1 Systems.  Our customers wire their kit and components cars with ISIS for a bunch of reasons.

First, these cars are pretty small and tight.  There aren’t great places to route and run wire through the chassis.  The multiplexed architecture of our ISIS system lets customers put our cells where they need them and just run our thin data cables across the car.

Second, ISIS helps you troubleshoot and diagnose wiring issues in the car as your installing the system.  We build in simple features that help point to problems in real time, without the need for meters and other tools.  This link will take you to a good video that shows off these diagnostic functions.

Most importantly, anyone building a kit car wants his to stand out.  They want theirs to be a little different from everyone else’s.  Our ISIS Power system lets you customize your car to get the features that you want.  Some examples include delays on lights, one-button starts, poppers from key fobs, security features, turbo-timers, cooling fan timers, touch screen control and smart phone control.  All of these can be easily built into the ISIS Power system to set your car apart.

ISIS Power customer, Jose G., just sent us some great progress photos of the install in his Factory Five MK III Cobra replica.  He’s wiring the car with our 3-Cell Kit and inLINK.  The 3-Cell Kit is going to power all of the switched electrical functions in the car.  This includes the head lights, turn signals, running lights, ignition, starter solenoid, cooling fan, brake lights, fuel pump and other accessory functions.  Through inLINK he has a very robust way to immobilize his open-topped car.  He also added inDASH MAX to simplify how he wires his turn-signal indicators, high-beam indicators and gauge illumination.  This mounts easily behind the dash and cleans up the wiring.

This picture shows where he mounted his rear POWERCELL.  This is in a custom fabricated pocket under the trunk.  All of the rear functions in the car are powered off of this cell.  The black cable to the left of the cell is the ISIS CAN cable.  That is all that runs to the front of the car outside of the power cables.


This picture shows how he mounted his front POWERCELL.  The POWERCELLs are designed to be mounted under the hood.  They’re designed to thrive in the temperature, vibration and chemicals that you find around the engine.  This front POWERCELL is controlling his head lights, high-beams, running lights, cooling fan, horn, MSD box and starter solenoid.  Being under the hood, all of the runs of wire are really short, keeping the harnesses simple.


Here is another picture of his POWERCELL and MSD box under the hood.


His MASTERCELL and inDASH MAX are conveniently located behind the dash.  All of the switches in the car connect to the MASTERCELL.  This location keeps all of these wires short and simple.  Here are pictures of the MASTERCELL and inDASH MAX.



Jose is making great progress on wiring his Factory Five Cobra.  We can’t wait to see the finished product.

Stay tuned for updates on this project and many of our other customers’ cars.

If you want to learn more about how our ISIS Power products can help you wire your car, give our team a call at (847) 232-1991 or email us at