Restoration & Performance Wiring Systems

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From the simplest hot rod to the most complicated pro-touring resto-mod, Infinitybox can be your complete wire harness for the car. It reduces the total amount of wire in the car, helps troubleshoot problems and eliminates other systems required to make your car work. Most importantly, Infinitybox gets you the same electrical features found in modern luxury cars. Dim your lighting, add delays, add one-button start, control your car through touch screens. No other aftermarket wiring system offers the control that Infinitybox can give you for your car.

  • Less Wire: Simpler Installation

    The Infinitybox system uses less wire than any other wiring harness on the market.  You put our input and output cells in the car where you need them to reduce the total amount of wire weight and size in the car.

  • Built in Diagnostics: Get the Job Done Quicker

    Using the Infinitybox inSIGHT module in the MASTERCELL, the system will tell you where there are problems in the system without any other tools.  This helps you get the car running faster and quickly solve problems if they come up on the road.

  • Powerful Features: Modern Car Functions

    Infinitybox uses the exact same technology that the Big 3 use to wire their cars.  This means that Infinitybox has the processing power necessary to get all of the same modern functions that you have in your daily driver.  This includes remote control, light dimming, timers, delays, one-button start, security, alarms, even touch screen control.