Lead Acid Battery

Battery Health

Batteries are critical to your car working reliably and efficiently.  Over the past years, there has been a ton of new developments in battery chemistry, form factors and chargers.  We get a lot of questions about batteries, how they work with our Infinitybox system and how to properly maintain them.  We found this video from our friends at Today I Found Out.  This is a great video that dispels old-wives tales about battery storage, talks about the effect of temperature on state of charge and gives great tips on maintaining your battery health.

One of the myths that we’ve always heard is that storing a battery on a concrete floor will discharge it.  The video talks about the history of this myth and how it is not a factor in today’s modern batteries.  It also talks about the impact of temperature on your stored capacity and your battery health.

Check out the video here.

We have a ton of posts on our site taking about maintaining your battery health with battery disconnects and our inRESERVE battery management system.  Check them out.

Click on this link to get to our technical support team if you have any questions about battery health or wiring you car in general.