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Creative Key-Less Entry for 1972 Bronco

Our Infinitybox system can do much more than a traditional wire harness.  Even before you get into our accessories, our 20-Circuit Kit is a powerful way to wire your car or truck.  The flexibility that this kit offers lets our customers do some very creating things electrically.  We just got a great write up and set of pictures from Vince C.  He restored a 1972 Bronco and used our 20-Circuit Kit to wire it.

Vince lives by the beach and surfs a lot.  Taking keys with him when he’s out on his board isn’t the easiest thing.  Since it is an open-top truck, he didn’t want to just hide a set of keys in the interior.  He wanted to find a way to eliminate keys completely for his Bronco.  He needed something that could integrate with the inputs on his Infinitybox MASTERCELL.  It had to be easy to install and completely water proof.  He found a company called Essex Electronics.  They make access control systems for doors, gates and vehicles.  They make a key pad that completely fit the bill for Vince.  Their part number is KE-1701 and this link will take you to the data sheet for it.

Simple to integrate key-less entry

Essex Electronics KE-1701 keypad used for key-less entry

The KE-1701 is a Piezo-type key pad with up to 7 outputs on it.  You can configure how each of these outputs work including quick on/off, toggling and timers.  All of these are controlled by typing the correct code on the key pad.

Vince wired the outputs of this key pad into inputs on his Infinitybox MASTERCELL.  He can enter a specific code on the key pad to disable security on the truck.  This lets him use our integrated one-button start to control the engine.  He can also enable security from the key pad.  We programmed the system so that a POWERCELL output flashes a light on his dash to indicate to a would-be thief that the truck is protected.

He also has an output wired from the key pad to a different MASTERCELL input that drives a POWERCELL output to pop a solenoid to open his glove compartment.  That way he has a secure place for his wallet and phone when he’s out surfing.  These are well protected and he doesn’t need keys to access them, just the code for the key pad.

This picture shows how me mounted the key pad on the side of the center console in the Bronco.

Simple lock access

KE-1701 Keypad mounted in 1972 Bronco

This picture shows the wiring diagram for the KE-1701.  You can download a PDF of this diagram at this link.

Wiring diagram for KE-1701 used for 1972 Bronco access


Vince used the violet wire from the KE-1701 to operate security on his Infinitybox system.  To enable or disable security, he enters his code then presses the 3/4 button within two seconds.   He used the pink wire from the KE-1701 to activate the MASTERCELL input for the glove box solenoid.  To open this, he enters his code then presses the 7/8 key within two seconds.  The operation is very simple and requires no keys.

This is a great example of the power of the 20-Circuit Kit.  Our Infinitybox system makes this integration very easy for him.  He doesn’t need to add any external relays since the high-current switching is built into our POWERCELLs.  Since we’re managing the fuel pump, ignition and starter solenoid, our integrated security features completely immobilize the car.  Lastly, our integrated one-button start feature eliminates the need to wire in a separate controller.

If you have any questions about how you can get creative electrical functionality in your car or truck, click here to contact our technical support team.  Click on the same link if you have an Infinitybox project that you want to show off on our blog.