Wired with Infinitybox 20-Circuit Kit and inTOUCH NET


A lot of our customer have great websites covering the details of their build.  Infinitybox customer John’s is a great example.  Check out www.gtm410.com.  This is a very detailed build site showing all of the steps to create a Factory Five GTM.

John is using our 20-Circuit Kit to power the main functions in the car.  He also added inTOUCH NET so that he can control the car from a tablet mounted in the dash and from his smart phone.

John’s website has a lot of great pictures documenting the build of the car.  This includes lots of good information on how he wired it with our Infinitybox system.  Here’s a great picture of the MASTERCELL and the front POWERCELL located in the car.

Great Looking Mounting Brackets

Front POWERCELL and MASTERCELL in a Factory Five GTM

This picture shows more detail on the location of the front POWERCELL.

Great Location.

Picture of the front POWERCELL in a Factory Five GTM.

The front POWERCELL is controlling the headlights, high-beams, front turn-signals, front running lights, horn, dash power and cooling fans.  You can see how close these loads are located to the front POWERCELL.  This will keep the total amount of wire needed to a minimum.

His rear POWERCELL is mounted just forward of the engine, at the back of the arm-rest.  You can see it here.

Great Mounting Location

Rear POWERCELL in a Factory Five GTM

This rear POWERCELL is controlling the power to the LS7 ECU, the starter solenoid, the fuel pump and all of the lights in the back of the car.  Again, our multiplexing technology lets John eliminate a lot of the wire required in this car.

He added inTOUCH NET so that he can control his car from practically any smart phone or touch screen.  In reality, you can control the system from any device that has Wi-Fi and a browser.  Check out the video below.

John has his laptop connected to the inTOUCH NET router.  He’s using the browser on his laptop to control his ignition and start the car.  Very cool!  You can see a lot more of the details of this car in the video, including the locations of the Infinitybox cells in the GTM.

You can learn more about this build by visiting www.gtm410.com.

Click this link to contact our team to learn more about what the Infinitybox system can do for your car.