inMOTION Videos

There is nothing like our inMOTION Motor Controller Cell in the market.  It gets you a very simple and powerful way to control power windows and locks in your car, truck or custom vehicle.  Actually, it can control anything that needs to have polarity reversed to make it work correctly.  Examples of polarity reversed accessories include power windows, power locks, linear actuators, exhaust cutouts, valves and license plate lifts.  We’ve had a set of inMOTION videos on YouTube for a while.  We wanted to use this blog post to put all of those videos together in one place.

This first video shows a quick summary of the inMOTION cell and talks about its capability.

This next video talks about the features of the inMOTION cell and how you wire it into your Infinitybox system.

This last video shows how you setup and train the inMOTION cell.

Please click this link to contact our technical support team if you have any questions about what the inMOTION cell can do for your car.