Our Infinitybox system can used to wire practically any car, truck or vehicle.  It is designed to stand up to the abuse of the harshest off-road, off-highway and commercial vehicle applications.  Here’s another great off-road example.  Sam P. is an Infinitybox customer who was building a JEEP YJ for a customer.  Here’s a picture of the Jeep as he first received it.

… and here is the finished product…

Sam needed a simple electrical wiring system for this Jeep.  He had all of the basics including ignition, starter, head lights, high beams, turn signals, flashers, brake lights, cooling fans and horns.  He also had extra trail lighting that he wanted to add.  The customer also wanted to take this off road so he needed a system that could handle the dust, dirt, moisture, shock and vibration.  Sam purchased our 20-Circuit Kit to get the job done.

His MASTERCELL is located behind the dash.

Here’s a picture of his front POWERCELL.  This is located just above where the transmission tunnel hits the firewall.

Here is a picture of his rear POWERCELL.  He fabricated a pocket in the back by the tailgate to keep the wiring protected.

The finished product is neat, clean and will thrive in the harshest of trail conditions.

If you have a car, truck of off-road vehicle that needs powerful & reliable wiring, check out the Infinitybox system.  Click this link to connect to our technical support team to talk through the details of your project.