Map Lights as Interior Lights

Map Lights and Interior Lights

Here’s another question that we just received from a customer.  They are integrating the ceiling light cluster from a new Corvette into a classic Corvette.  This cluster has two lights and two switches in it.  This cluster is supposed to be both the map lights and interior lights.  Some people may call these reading lights.  They want to be able to turn on each of the lights discretely from the switches on the cluster.  They also want both lights to turn on as the interior lights when the doors are opened in the car.  As an added bonus, they want the interior lights to fade away when the doors are closed.  This is easy with our Infinitybox system.

This diagram shows you how to wire the light cluster to do this.

Map Lights as Interior Lights

Simple wiring diagram showing how to wire map lights and dome lights using the Infinitybox system.

First, you need to bring constant 12-volt power from the battery to the switches.  The switches must be on the 12-volt side of the light bulbs.  The bulbs then must be connected to ground.  If the lights are LEDs, please check to make sure that you have them oriented correctly.  Also, if you are using LEDs, make sure that you have the proper limiting resistor in series so they do not get damaged.  This part is easy.  When you turn on either of the switches, the individual lights will turn on.

Next, you need to take your POWERCELL output for the interior lights and connect it to the 12-volt switched side of the lights.  Split the POWERCELL output to go to both lights.  You must put a diode in series so that the individual lights do not back-feed into each other.  We recommend a 1N4001 diode.  Click here to source these.  A 1N4001 can carry 1-amp continuously.  Please check to make sure that your light does not draw more than that.  Also note that the diode orientation is important.  The circuit will not work if they are installed backwards.  The diagram above shows the correct orientation.

Last step, take the MASTERCELL input for your interior lights and connect that to the pin switches on your doors.  You want to wire all of your pin switches in parallel.  To do this, split the MASTERCELL input wire and connect it to all of the switches.  That way, the lights will turn on when any of the doors are opened.

We can program your interior lights to fade away when you close your doors.  Contact our technical support team and we can get this set up for you in your code.

You can download a PDF version of this wiring diagram by clicking this link.

Click this link to contact our technical support team with any questions about wiring your map lights and interior lights.