New 4-Button inLINK Remote Functions

We recently made changes to our inLINK remotes.  These changes do a few things.  First, the improve the range of the fobs.  Second, they make the fobs easier and simpler to use.  This blog post talks about the new 4-Button inLINK remote functions.

These new fobs have a more efficient antenna that will let them transmit into the vehicle better.  This will get you better range and more latitude for where you mount the MASTERCELL in your car.

These new fobs use a different processor that lets us get more functions using multiple combinations of button presses.  The original inLINK fobs had a shift button that took you to different “pages” of functions.  This new layout is much simpler and more intuitive to use.

The lock and unlock buttons do exactly what you’d expect them to do.  They enable and disable security, respectively.  If you add our inMOTION cell and are using door locks, we can set these buttons to lock and unlock the car when you enable and disable security.

As a default, the trunk button controls the headlights.  Not all of our customers are using a trunk popper so we assigned the headlights to this button.  If you are using a trunk popper off of your rear POWERCELL, we can set this up for you.  Your trunk will easily open by pressing the button on the remote.

Also in our default set up, the parking lights are controlled by the star button on the remote.

There is a panic function built into the standard configuration.  Pressing the trunk and star buttons together will cause the horn to honk on and off.  The system will continue to honk the horn until you press and release the trunk & start buttons again.

You can download a diagram that graphically shows the different functions assigned to the inLINK buttons by clicking this link.

There are many different custom functions that we can program to your system for control from our inLINK key fobs.  Click this link to contact one of our technical support guys to learn more.