New Installation Wiring Manual

We’re always updating and changing our documentation based on what we learn from customers.  We just released a new updated version of the installation manual for our 10 and 20-Circuit Kits.  This is the most ambitious overhaul of the document since we first created it in 2007.

This guide walks you through the major steps of wiring your car with our 10 or 20-Circuit Kits.  The steps are:

  1. Mounting the Cells
  2. Running Power from the Battery
  3. Connecting the CAN cables
  4. Wiring the POWERCELL Outputs
  5. Wiring the Switches to the MASTERCELL
  6. Testing the System

You can download this new manual from the resources section of our website or by clicking this link.

Please click here to contact us with any comments or feedback on this new manual.