Buick Super Coupe

Our Infinitybox system has been used to wire and control the electrical system of some of the most beautiful cars out there.  This 1940 Buick Super Coupe is no exception.  As a brand, Buick has always been known for style and comfort.  Built by Aubrey K, this car is a great example of great engineering, dedication and craftsmanship.  He took the style and comfort of this Buick and added power and performance.  The Infinitybox team is proud to be a part of this project.  You can see the finished product here.


Aubrey wired the car with our 20-Circuit Kit.  He was looking for a simple electrical wiring system that would give him the control that he wanted.  He wanted modern convenience features in his 1940 Buick Super Coupe.  They added inTOUCH MAX to control the entire car from a touch screen mounted in the dash.

You can see a great video with Aubrey talking about the details of the car.  You can also see him starting the Super Buick Coupe by pushing a button on the touch screen.

There is also a great article in Street Rod Life Magazine that goes through the details of the car.  You can learn all about its history, the performance details and the electrical system in this article.  You can see an on-line version of the article featuring the Buick Super Coupe by clicking this link.

Congratulations to Aubrey and his team for completion of a beautiful car.  This project has been in the works for a long time and the patience and attention to detail is evident.

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