GTM410 Update

We’re always getting progress updates from our customers who are wiring their cars with our Infinitybox system.  We just got an update from John M. about his progress on his Factory Five GTM.  We posted last year about this car before he took it apart to paint the body.  You can see that post at this link.  John did the paint on the body and the results are stunning.  Check out the results.


John has our full system in his GTM.  He’s using our 20-Circuit Kit as the electrical foundation.  This is powering his lights, ignition, ECU, fans, fuel pump and other electrical accessories.  He added inMOTION to control his power windows and power locks.  He added inRESERVE to protect his battery from draining.  Lastly, he added our inTOUCH NET so that he could control everything in the car from his phone or his head unit mounted in the dash.

John has a great website that covers all of the details of his GTM build.  This includes an in-depth section on our Infinitybox system and how he wired it into the car.  You can see his build site by clicking this link.

John is buttoning up the last details on the car.  He thinks that he’s a few months away from completing everything and getting the car on the road.

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Also, if you have build pictures from your Infinitybox wiring project, please send them to our team and we’ll feature them on our blog.