Player’s LTD Camaro

For those who were following us early on in our history, we did a lot of work with James Shipka and his One Lap of America Camaro.  We really cut our teeth on this car and learned a lot about the business.

James and his team came back to us last year with another race car project.  This one is pretty unique.  James found a Camaro originally built for the Player’s LTD series.  General Motors built these cars specifically for this race series and were driven at tracks all across Canada.  The main tracks were Shannonville, Grand Prix Molson, Race City, Mosport, Moslon Indy, Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres, Westwood, Cayuga Speedway.  You can learn more about the cars and the race series by clicking this link.

James was looking for a powerful but simple electrical system for his restoration of this Player’s Camaro.  We recommended our Express Track Car kit.  This gives our customers everything that they need to wire all of the electrical functions of a race car.  It comes pre-configured to control your ignition, starter solenoid, lights, fuel pump, water pump and cooling fans.  At its heart, this kit starts with one of our POWERCELLs.  The kit also includes a pre-engineered CAN switch panel that mounts in your dash.  A simple 4-wire harness connects the switch panel to the POWERCELL.  Lastly, the kit also includes one of our IOX input modules for wiring simple switches into the system.

This picture shows the POWERCELL mounted behind the passenger door in the car.

Here you can see the switch panel mounted in the center console.

This is a very simple but powerful application of our products.

You can follow the entire build series for the Player’s Camaro on Facebook by clicking this link.  Thanks to James and his team for sharing the pictures.  We’re proud to be a part of your project.

If you’d like to learn more about how our Infinitybox products can help you wire your car or truck, click here to contact our team.