Motorsports Wiring Systems

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The Infinitybox system has proven itself to be a rugged, durable and capable power distribution system for all types of racing. You can find Infinitybox systems in drag racing, Baja, Rally, road racing and tractor pulling. All the Infinitybox hardware is designed for the harsh environments found in racing. It can stand up to vibration, mechanical shock, temperature extremes and chemical exposure. Its multiplexed architecture lets you put the hardware where you need it in the vehicle, which eliminates a significant amount of weight of the harness. Its power processing capability lets you build in timing, delays and staging, eliminating the need for external modules in the vehicle.

  • Rugged & Reliable

    The Infinitybox system was designed and qualified for the harshest environments.  It has been tested in the lab to the strictest OEM and commercial vehicle requirements.  More importantly, it has been tested in the field, on the track, in the desert and in the Arctic Tundra.  Its solid-state power control means that there are no relays to fail or have to replace trackside.

  • Less Wire & Weight

    Multiplexing lets you put the electrical power where you need it in the car.  This reduces the total length and bulk of wire required to power your electrical system.  This can mean a reduction in harness weight of up to 50% as compared to other wiring systems.

  • Power Features

    The processing power built into the Infinitybox system lets you eliminate the need for external controller modules in the car.  POWERCELL outputs can be timed, delayed, set to run patterns or sequences without having to add extra hardware in the car.