MASTERCELL Polling Video

We pack a ton of powerful diagnostic tools into our Infinitybox 20-Circuit Kit.  With no tools, you can use the inSIGHT screen on the MASTERCELL to learn about everything that is going on in your car’s electrical system.  There is no other wiring harness on the market that can get you that power.

We just published another video going through the specifics of the built-in troubleshooting and diagnostic tools in your Infinitybox system.  This new video covers Polling the system from the MASTERCELL.  When the MASTERCELL power up, it takes an inventory of all of the cells on the CAN network.  This includes your POWERCELLs, inMOTION Cells, inVIRONMENT cells and inTOUCH NET.  From the MASTERCELL screen, you can easily check to make sure that all of the cells are properly communicating on the CAN network.

You can also dig deeper into each cell by polling it from the MASTERCELL screen.  By polling the POWERCELLs, you can get a measurement of the battery voltage measured locally at the POWERCELL.  You can also get a reading of the temperature of the POWERCELL.  You also get a measurement of the Charge Pump voltage on the POWERCELL.  This is a safety system that we monitor to make sure that the POWERCELL is operating correctly.  Lastly, you can get a picture of which outputs are on and off on the POWERCELL.

If you poll the MASTERCELL, you can get a real-time status of all of the switches that are connected.  This is really helpful for troubleshooting and checking your switches as you wire them to the Infinitybox system.

You can watch the new video that goes through polling the system from the MASTERCELL in detail.

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20-Circuit Kit Power Up Video

This blog post has a simple video that shows you what to expect on your Infinitybox MASTERCELL when you power up your 20-Circuit Kit.  The Infinitybox system is full of simple tools to help you troubleshoot and diagnose your electrical system.  You can download a complete troubleshooting and diagnostic guide by clicking here.

This video shows you the start up messages that you will see on your MASTERCELL inSIGHT LCD module.  It also shows you the different indicator lights on the MASTERCELL and describes what they mean.  This video also shows you how to take an inventory of all of cells connected to the MASTERCELL including your POWERCELLs, inMOTION Cells, inVIRONMENT and inTOUCH NET.  By simply pressing the HOME button on the MASTERCELL, you get a real-time confirmation that the MASTERCELL is communicating with all of the accessories in your system.

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Infinitybox Introduces 3 New Racing Kits

Following our lineage of powering electrical system is the harshest of environments, we’re proud to announce the Infinitybox Express series of kits for racing applications.  These utilize our rock-solid multiplexing technology and get builders what they need to create powerful, yet simple electrical systems for drag cars, track cars, Baja trucks, rally cars and other extreme applications.

We’ve taken our standard kits and leaned them down to the essential elements needed to win on the track or strip.  With our Express kits, you get safe, reliable and robust power distribution, wiring and circuit protection for your car.  At the same time, you’re significantly reducing the weight of competitive harnesses.

The foundation of each kit is our POWERCELL.  This is our universal 10-circuit output module.  It is solid-state, sealed and designed to thrive in the worst possible conditions.  Solid state means that there are no moving parts in the cell.  High-vibration, mechanical shock and tire-shake will not impact its performance.  Sealed means that dirt, oil, rain, moisture and other filth will not slow you down when its time to race.

Depending on the kit, we give you great options to control the system.  If you have existing switches or a specific switch that you like, you can wire that directly into our exclusive Infinitybox IOX input/output module.  This is a tiny device that gets loomed in the harness behind your switches.  It can connect any switch to the POWERCELL to turn things on and off.  The IOX also has the ability to drive low-current indicators on the switches so that you know things are working correctly.

If you’re looking for something a little more streamlined, we have express kits that utilize a CAN-based, 8-pack of toggle switches.  This makes wiring your dash as easy as possible.  You mount the switch panel on your dash or on your roll cage, and you connect 4 simple wires to the POWERCELL.  All of the switches and indicators are managed through this simple connection.  This dramatically reduces the bulk and weight of the switch harness.

These kits include our powerful diagnostic functions that help you identify and troubleshoot problems that can occur at the track.  You can point to problems in the wiring in real-time with no tools just by looking at the hardware.

We have a dedicated drag race kit designed for naturally aspirated engines.  You can learn more about that at this link.

For track cars, we have a kit dedicated to that.  Click on this link to learn more.

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