Product Videos

Our Infinitybox system is unique.  There is no other electrical system on the market that can get you the same power, flexibility, reliability and features.  Check out this video to learn more.

Our 20-Circuit Kit is the core to your electrical system.  Check out this video to learn about everything that makes up this universal wiring kit.

The MASTERCELL is the brain of your 20-Circuit Kit.  Watch this video to learn about what it does, how it works and the cool things that you can do with it.

The POWERCELLs are the muscle of your system.  They do all of the heavy lifting for your wiring.  Watch this video to learn more about what they do.

inRESERVE is our powerful battery management system.  It continuously watches your battery voltage when the car is idle and disconnects the system if the voltage drops too low.  Learn more here.

inLINK gives you powerful wireless control of your car through a simple 4-button key fob.  Learn more here.

Tech Videos

Our Infinitybox system can be customized to suit the electrical requirements for your car or truck.  This video shows you how to use our inCODE programming tool to update your system.

Customer Videos

To most guys, wiring isn’t a big deal.  Through some magic, flipping a switch makes something turn on.  To other guys, wiring and electrical can make the car.  Check out the video below.  It is using our standard Infinitybox system components to make a C2 Corvette behave like a brand new C7.  It can even do things a C7 couldn’t even begin to touch.