1964.5-69 Mustang - GM Style Tilt Floor Shift

IDIDIT Mustang Steering Column Wiring

Wiring turn signals, 4-ways and the horn to the MASTERCELL in your Infinitybox system is very easy.  Our inputs can connect to the connectors of any steering column.  This blog post is going to cover the IDIDIT Mustang Steering Column wiring.  Specifically, this is for their 1965 & 1966 columns.

Before you go too far, be sure to read and understand the instructions for installing your column.  You can download the IDIDIT instructions for this Mustang column by clicking here.  IDIDIT gives you the connector components to plug directly into the original harness in your Mustang.  The difference with our Infinitybox system is that your MASTERCELL inputs are going to wire to the switches on the column.  The switches on the column become triggers to the MASTERCELL.  Our Infinitybox system takes care of the rest.

This diagram will show you which MASTERCELL input wires need to connect to the terminals on the IDIDIT column.

Please note that this diagram does not give you the MASTERCELL input wire colors.  You need to line up the function on the column to the wire color on your configuration sheet.  Depending on your system and your accessories, you may have different wire colors for your inputs.  Click on this link to learn more about your configuration sheet.

The connections between the Infinitybox MASTERCELL and the connector on the column are easy.  Essentially, you only need to connect the inputs for your left turn signal, right turn signal and the horn.  Then you need to ground two of the column wires to the chassis.  That’s it.

You can download a PDF version of this wiring diagram by clicking here.  

Click this link to contact our technical support team with any questions.