One-Button Start

A lot of our customers use our One-Button Start function.  This is standard in our 10 and 20-Circuit Harness Kits.

To start your engine, you have a few options when you wire your car with the Infinitywire.  You can use a traditional keyed ignition switch.  You pick our standard input wires for the ignition and starter and wire those to the switch.

Or you can use our One-Button Start function.  This involves taking one MASTERCELL input wire and connecting it to a momentary button.  That is all you need to manage your ignition and starter outputs.

When you press and release the button, the ignition output turns on.  When you press and release the button again, the ignition output turns off.  Pretty simple.  To start the engine, you simply press and hold the button.  The POWERCELL turns on the ignition, waits one second for the fuel pump to prime, then cranks the starter solenoid.  The starter will crank as long as you are pressing the button.  When the engine starts, you simply release the button and the starter will stop cranking.  The POWERCELL turns off the starter output but leaves the ignition output live so the engine will run.  To shut down the engine, you simply press and release the button again.

Mike Raburn and his team with the Built To Cruise Mustang chose this option when they wired their car.  Check out this video showing off how they start the car.

Note that Mike is using the Honda S2000 Start button.  This is a really popular button.  Search through our old blog posts for details on how to wire this switch in to the MASTERCELL inputs.

You will note one thing about the way the Infinitywire One-Button Start works.  If you press and release the button to turn on the ignition, you have to press and release the button to turn the ignition off before you can press and hold it to crank the engine.  The personality that manages this function does this for a very important reason.  We don’t know if the engine is already running when you press the button.  Pressing and releasing the starter button forces the system to shut off the ignition output so that you cannot accidentally crank the starter with the engine running.

This function is another great example of how Infinitybox can help you to simplify the electrical system in your car.  You can certainly get a starter function similar to ours but it requires a separate box to manage the function.  With Infinitybox, you can eliminate the need for extra control modules to have to connect into your wiring harness.

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