1971 Mustang

D7_20150804_PRJ-Ford_1491We love to get pictures from our customers, especially progress pictures showing updates on their projects.  As cool as it is to see the final car, we love the see how a customer got there step by step.  We got these pictures from Infinitybox customer Lee A.  He’s been working on a 1971 Mustang for a while now.  He’s proud to say that he’s done 95% of the work himself.  He also says that this is his first project like this.  It is awesome work for his first restoration.

Lee bought the car from his son in 2007 and immediately went to work.  He did most of the work at the automotive craft shop at the Ft. Sill military base in Oklahoma.  He had worked a deal with the base to give him shop space in return for teaching a body and paint class.  His efforts taught over 300 people how to use the booths and gave them the confidence to get their projects going.

Lee used side mirrors form a 1987 La Sabre and seamlessly blended them into the doors.  He shaved the door handles and removed the passenger lock.  The engine is a 302 with a mild race cam and headers.  He rebuilt a C4 transmission with all new items and high performance valves.  The rear end is a stock 8-inch with 3.55 gears.  It has all new suspension components and disc brakes in all 4 corners.

Lee did all of this work himself while dealing with nerve damage in his right leg from an injury that he sustained while serving in the military.

Lee has our 20-circuit kit powering the car.  He also has inMOTION controlling his power locks and power windows.  He has the front POWERCELL where the remote starter solenoid usually is in this vintage of Mustang.  You can see it in these pictures.  D7_260511_PRJ-Ford_0938D7_210511_PRJ-Ford_0936

This is a great shot of the POWERCELL next to that nicely chromed engine.


The rear POWERCELL is nicely placed in the trunk near to the battery.  You can see it here.


The MASTERCELL and the inMOTION cell are neatly tucked in behind the glove compartment door.  This makes for very easy access to the MASTERCELL for diagnostics.


Lee has really put the details into this car.  You can see it in the fit and finish of the body work and even in the way that he has the wires braided and loomed.  It is a very neat and clean install.  We can’t wait to see the final product.

Thanks to Lee for sending us these pictures.  If you have pictures of your wiring job with our Infinitybox system, please send them and we’ll get them up on our blog for all to see.