Split Ray

Infinitybox is proud to announce that Scott Roth and his team at The Auto Shoppe VT made it to the Great 8 with their Split Ray 1966 Corvette at the 2017 Detroit Autorama.  Our system has wired some amazing cars but the craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail in this car make it one of a kind.

The Don Ridler Memorial Award is given to the builder who shows creativity, engineering and quality workmanship.  Any car that makes it to the Great 8 of the Ridler is the best of the best.  Scott and his team have accomplished something remarkable in their first attempt at the Ridler.

The car has many unique features.  Most significantly, the car was widened by 6 3/8 inches.  This was done to make it more comfortable and accessible.  The Auto Shoppe was able to accomplish this and keep all of the proportions of the car just right.  The finished product has a tougher and meaner stance.

Cutting and widening the car lead to the name of Split Ray.  They created a custom logo for this and it shows everywhere in the car.  Even the Corvette badges were modified to show the name and the logo.

The paint is flawless.  The interior rivals that of any Italian super car.  You feel it when the engine roars to life.  No words can adequately describe what they did with this car.

Scott and his team wired the car with our Infinitybox system.  He knew that he wanted to make the car stand out in every way.  Our system helped him do this electrically.  The foundation is a 20-Circuit Kit.  He added two inMOTION cells to control the windows and both power seats.  He has inLINK for control from a key fob and inRESERVE to monitor and protect his batteries.  He added inVIRONMENT to control his Vintage Air Gen-IV heating and air-conditioning system.  He runs everything through our inTOUCH NET.  Everything in the car can be controlled through his iPhone or the Kenwood DNN992 in the dash.

Congratulations to Scott Roth and his team.  We are proud to be a part of this build!