Timeless Muscle Magazine Features 1968 GTX

The team at Timeless Muscle Magazine did a great article covering a 1968 Plymouth GTX that was wired with our Infinitybox system.  The car is owned by Len W. and was built with help from Shironaka Enterprises.  The article was written by Rick Seitz and the stunning photography was shot by Grant Cox.  This car looks great, performs like a champ and has our Infinitybox system at its heart managing all of its electrical system.

1968 Plymouth GTX Wired with Infinitybox System.

The guys wired this car with our 20-Circuit Kit.  This kit forms the electrical backbone of the car.  It is powering all the lights, ignition, starter, fuel pump, cooling fan, horn and other accessories.  They added our inLINK remote option to get our integrated security and immobilization feature.  They also added our inRESERVE active battery manager.  This accessory constant keeps an eye on the car’s battery voltage and actively disconnects all the electrical draw if the voltage gets too low.  This feature always keeps enough charge in the battery to crank the engine and never lets the battery deep cycle.

This picture shows the 6.1L New-Gen HEMI engine sitting comfortably under the hood.  The engine bay is clean and well laid out.  You can see the primary Mega fuses that are included with the 20-Circuit Kit in the lower right coming off the battery.  You can also see the POWERCELL neatly mounted on the firewall by the brake booster.

Picture of underhood POWERCELL in 1968 Plymouth GTX.

This mounting location shows off two key strengths of the Infinitybox system.  First, our hardware was designed to handle the heat, shock, vibration and chemical exposure found in the toughest automotive applications.  Second, our distributed architecture makes wiring the car much easier.  That front POWERCELL is controlling all of the electrical functions in the front of the car.  These include the headlights, high-beams, front running lights, front turn signals, horn, cooling fan, ignition power to the ECU, power to the starter solenoid and power for the dash.  All of these functions wire locally to the front POWERCELL.  They do not need to be wired back to a central fuse box in the car.

We thank Len, Rick and the team at Timeless Muscle Magazine for this great article.  Our team at Infinitybox is proud to be a part of this car.  You can read the full article in the magazine by clicking this link.

If you want to learn more about how you can use our Infinitybox system to wire your restoration, hot rod, resto-mod, street rod or Pro-Touring car, click on this link to get in touch with our team.

1968 Plymouth GTX Wired with Infinitybox System