Updating with inCODE

One of the advantages of our Infinitywire system is the ability to load new configurations to it in the field.  This video goes through the process of updating your Infinitybox MASTERCELL.

Here are the instructions to load the software and update your system using the inCODE programmer.  This will work for any Windows operating system running at 32-bits or 64-bits.  Please note that there is no application that will work for Apple or Mac.  Also, this must be done from a PC or a laptop.  You cannot use a tablet to run inCODE.  Contact Infinitybox technical support to get a link to download the software to run the inCODE.  You can contact our team by clicking this link.

  1. Temporarily disable your virus scanning software.
  2. Download the software application from the link provided to you from Infinitybox technical support.
  3. Run the install_picprg executable.
  4. When the installation is done, plug the programmer into the computer.  Let it find the drivers as necessary.
  5. Reboot the computer.
  6. Go to Programs/Embed Inc/Program PIC.
  7. Save your hex file to your desk top.
  9. Plug the programmer header into the cell to be updated.  Follow the instructions that came from Infinitybox technical support carefully.  Loading code on the wrong type of cell can cause severe damage to the system.  For example, programming a POWERCELL with MASTERCELL code will cause damage to the cell.
  10. Browse for the file and hit PROGRAM on the GUI.

The programming window looks like this:

inCODE Programming Interface Window

inCODE Programming Interface Window

When completed, unplug the inCODE programmer from the cell and plug the harness connectors back in.

PLEASE NOTE:  You may get a warning from your anti-virus software about the inCODE download.  It depends on the browser and the anti-virus software that you are using.  We test this software frequently and know that it is safe.  Contact our technical support team with questions about this.

Please contact our technical support team by clicking this link if you have questions.