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We just posted details on how to wire your turn-signal and brake lights to our Infinitybox POWERCELLs.  Here’s a quick follow up to that post.  Once you have your turn-signal outputs wired, wiring your hazard lights is really easy.

Some people call them hazard lights, hazard warning flashers, warning lights, emergency lights, 4-way flashers or simply flashers.  Whatever you call them, these are the flashing lights in the corners of your car that you turn on when you help or when you want to warn other drivers.

In most cars, your hazard lights are simply your turn signals.  The original mechanism in the steering column shunted all of the turn signal bulbs together through the flasher can when you pressed the hazard button.  With our Infinitybox system, you simply turn on an input to the MASTERCELL for the hazard lights.  The MASTERCELL sends a command to the front and rear POWERCELLs to flash the left and right turn signals together.  You do not need a separate flasher can, the POWERCELLs handle that for you.

1-Filament Configuration

Turn signal and brake lights

If you look at the line in your configuration sheet for the hazards, you will see that there is a dedicated input going to the MASTERCELL.  You will also notice that the POWERCELL outputs are just the turn signal outputs on the front & rear POWERCELL.  This picture shows the hazard lights details from our standard front-engine configuration.

Inputs and Outputs for 4-way flashers

Hazard Configuration Sheet Details

If you need it, you can get more information on how to read our configuration sheets by clicking this link.

We’re going to talk about wiring inputs in upcoming posts.  For now, everything that we need to do for the hazard lights in our 1967 Mustang is done since we wired the turn signals.

If you have questions or comments about wiring any parts of your car, truck or commercial vehicle with our Infinitybox system, please click this link to contact our team.