Wiring Power Window Switches

Electric-Life 4920-10-269 Power Window Switch

The inputs to our MASTERCELL are really flexible.  They can connect to practically any switch in your car.  When it comes to wiring power window switches, it is really easy.

Remember that takes a very small current to turn on a MASTERCELL input.  This small current at the switch can be used to control very high levels of current at a POWERCELL.  It can also be used to control large amounts of current through an inMOTION cell plus change polarity output.  You use inMOTION to control things that need to change direction, like power windows, lock actuators, exhaust cutouts and linear actuators.  inMOTION changes the flow of current, which changes the direction of the motion.

A lot of guys ask us how to wire their power window switches to the MASTERCELL inputs.  The answer is very simple.  Remember that the MASTERCELL inputs work by getting connected to ground through the switch.  In most cases, you what was the power feed to the switch to ground, then connect the MASTERCELL input wires to the output terminals on the switch.  In most cases, you can figure this out with a multi-meter set on the resistance setting.  Set the meter to its auto range or its lowest range.  Connect the leads of the meter to the power terminal on the switch and one of the output terminals.  With the switch in the center position, the resistance should be very high.  When you push the switch in one direction, you should see continuity through the switch.  Repeat this process for the other terminal on the switch.

We created an example wiring diagram for the 4920-10-260 power window switch sold by Electric-Life.  These are a very common switch and you see these in lots of cars.  This diagram will show you the terminal that you need to connect to ground and the terminals that you need to connect to your MASTERCELL inputs.  Please note that you must use the wire colors that are detailed in the configuration sheet that came with your kit.

Wiring diagram showing how to wire power window switches to the Infinitybox MASTERCELL and inMOTION.

Wiring diagram showing how to wire power window switches to the Infinitybox MASTERCELL and inMOTION.


This link will take you to PDF of this diagram showing you wiring power window switches.

If you have a power window switch that you are trying to figure out, give our team a call at (847) 232-1991.  We are always here to help.