Australian-Built Cobra Replica

Australian-Built Cobra

Front shot of Cobra replica

Front grill shot of Australian-built Cobra replica.

We have our Infinitybox systems powering cars all across the world.  One of our Australian customers just sent us some great pictures of his Cobra replica.  Peter K. started building this car in February 2012 and finished it in November 2017.  The car is wired with our Infinitybox system and has been running flawlessly on the road.

Here are the build specs on the car:

  • Manufacturer    DRB Sportscars (chassis unit #67)
  • Model                  DRB Boss Cobra
  • Engine                 Ford Racing 5.0 litre (302ci) 32 valve Modular Coyote
        • 412 bhp (303kw), 390ft-lb (529Nm) at 4250rpm
  • Exhaust               Custom fabricated by Scott’s Rods
  • Gearbox              Tremec TKO 500 wide ratio 5 speed
  • Suspension        Jaguar XJ6 Series III front and rear
        • E-type 3.54 ratio differential with USA limited slip
  • Wheels                American Racing – Shelby
        • Front 17” x 8”
        • Rear 17” x 9.5”
  • Paint                    Holden Special Vehicles “Poison Ivy” Painted by Stuart Blackburne
  • Upholstery          Australia leather “Charcoal” Upholstered by Kerry Morrow

Peter wired the car with our Infinitybox 20-Circuit Core Kit.  Our engineering team customized his system to accommodate some of his unique requirements for the Australian market.  He also added inLINK for security, immobilizer and other remote features.

Peter mounted the MASTERCELL and the front POWERCELL in the footwell on the left-side of the car.  Since this is a right-hand drive car, this is the passenger side.  His front POWERCELL is powering the ECU, the starter solenoid, the headlights, high-beams, front turn-signals, front parking lights, cooling fan, horn and dash.

This picture shows the locations of the MASTERCELL and front POWERCELL.

Infinitybox MASTERCELL and front POWERCELL installed in Cobra Replica

Front POWERCELL and MASTERCELL installed in Cobra Replica

He made a clever interior trim piece that hides both the MASTERCELL and front POWERCELL.  At the same time, it gives him easy access to these cells for troubleshooting and diagnostics.  Here is the trim piece in stalled with the panel open to the MASTERCELL.

Infinitybox MASTERCELL behind trim panel

Picture showing easy access to Infinitybox MASTERCELL for troubleshooting and diagnostics

Here is the trim piece with the MASTERCELL panel in place.  You can see how easily the electrical system in this car disappears.

Trim panel hiding the Infinitybox MASTERCELL in Cobra replica.

Access panel hiding the Infinitybox MASTERCELL in Cobra replica.

His rear POWERCELL is mounted in a compartment in the trunk.  This rear POWERCELL is controlling the brake lights, rear turn-signals, rear running lights, fuel pump and other accessories in the rear of the car.  This picture shows the POWERCELL mounted in the rear of the car with the battery and the primary fusing.

Infinitybox POWERCELL and Primary Power Distribution in Cobra Replica

Rear POWERCELL in Cobra Replica

This picture shows the trim panels installed in trunk.  In a small car like this Cobra replica, the Infinitybox system completely disappears.

Trunk interior in Cobra replica wired with the Infinitybox system

Interior shot of trunk showing trim panel covering location of electrical components including the Infinitybox POWERCELL.

Peter installed the Ford Racing Coyote engine in this Cobra replica.  You can see how neatly this engine fits under the hood of this car.

Ford Racing 5.0 32-Valve Modular Coyote Engine

Coyote modular engine in Cobra replica wired with the Infinitybox system.

The finished car is beautiful, powerful and functional.  We thank Peter for sharing these pictures with us.  The Infinitybox team is proud to be a part of this build.

Click here if you would like to learn more about how you can wire your car with our Infinitybox system.

Rear quarter panel shot of Australia-built Cobra replica

Rear 3/4 shot of Cobra replica wired with the Infinitybox system.